Friday, September 03, 2004


Well, I got summoned for jury duty next month. SUX!
So I have to find the perfect Goth outfit for this occasion.
Decisions decisions........Do I do the tough Goth look or do
I do the sexy vixen Goth thing (so I can show all the lawyers
and judges my tattoos) or
Do I do the Goth secretary look???
Send me your vote......

Photo by UrineAmerica
Oh by the way.......Did I mention, I
don't normally dress GOTH????
So I go to jury duty and I'm dressed in black with a long (to the ankle) black jacket. I've got black eye make up and look like a vamp from a 1920's movie. White face and lipstick so deep red it looks black. Fake black eyelashes to enhance the darkness of my eyes. I'm scary. I get off at the California station "L" stop with two elderly women and I'm walking behind them, I couldn't help notice one of them looking over her shoulders at me. They probably thought I was going to whack them or pick their pockets. LOL I'm giggling to myself. So at the courthouse, a couple hours pass. Then they call my number. AW PISS! I say. So we go into a room, they take a mini roll call and dismiss me. Cool beans! I'm excited. We go to lunch and come back and I never hear another thing. They gave me a check for 17 bucks and I'm free. I go downtown and spend almost that much on some lipstick.


Anonymous said...

The courthouse will love the second one, it's the most appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Second one please.

The Goth said...

Ya know, acctually i dont think it would be a secretary goth (i kinda know this because im a goth) but its more industrial. all three pics. The second one looks awesome!