Friday, July 23, 2004


I think I have brain damage from my "Extreme Sport" days, cause I sure didn't see this one coming....................................................... Today at work, one of the doctors sends an elderly Asian-American patient over to me, so that I could schedule him for cataract surgery. I give him the paper work for the physical and pre-op instructions. So, as I'm putting clinical notes into his chart I ask him, "I need the name of your primary care physician." Patient says, "Who?" I turn towards him, and ask again, "your doctor's name, sir"? "Who?" he says again. This time, I figure, he's a little hard of hearing. So I stand up slightly and lean towards him, and ask a little louder this time, looking him in the eye and enunciating, "who is your primary care physician, who will give you your
physical?" And the gentleman hands me his doctor's business card,it said Dr Wu-Internal Medicine. I've been Abbott and Costello'd. I've been Punked by a Senior Citizen. I had to walk away to laugh at my sorry ass.

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