Sunday, July 26, 2009

It appears to me that bad fashion sense has become a fad. Bad clothes, ill fitting clothes, bad, ridiculous and outrageous hair styles as well. It seems like if there's one click of ladies or men, who are fashion nerds, there are scores of idiots who see them and think, "cool I must look like these people". OMG Why and how are people so blind to how bad they dress or how awful their hair is? I wonder if it ever occurred to people who wear bad hair styles, to ever open up a hair style magazine. If they did, they would see no one in it is wearing the hair style they are sporting. And in some cases they can go back a few hundred issues to see that their hair style hasn't been in vogue since perhaps circa 1976 or 1984. There are so many who blindly think that skin tight dresses emphasizing an enormous ass is the way to go. Or wearing pants so low that drawers or thongs show is cool, sexy, classy or as we say in Chicago "sharp". I'm sorry but it seems like fashion itself is getting ridiculous. Selling men's shorts that go down to the ankles makes me want to vomit blood. Birkenstocks need to be outlawed for being FUGLY as satanic beings. So do most styles Earth shoes and all their other arch support "good for your feet" sisters and European cousins. I spent a fraction on a pair of Mephisto thong sandals at and got lots of compliments. Mephisto has some great styles lately. Just as good as Birkenstock if not better. Sofft makes both pretty and comfortable sandals and shoes and lower prices as well. There is no financial excuse for bad dressing or wearing ill fitting clothes. Both me and a BFF can go to TJ Max and get stuff off a final clearance rack and come out looking like Salma Hayek or Halle Berry. Hell I can go to a resale shop and come out with an awesome outfit. So no excuses people. I don't wanna hear it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

After watching the Gene Simmons Family Jewels episode where Gene follows (stalks) his kids on their Mexico trip, and saw a tour they did where they went zip lining aka aerial rope sliding. I WANT TO DO THAT! If any of ya'll don't know, but I am the girl Indiana Jones. I live for an adventure. Yup, done the bungee jumping, parasailing, white water rapid rafting, hot air ballooned, tattoos. If it's crazy, I've probably done it. If I can climb Kings Canyon in 104 degree heat, why can't I just zip line across one? I'm 50 now, so this should be a cake walk right? How complicated can this really be? I think it should be glorious. But where can I do this in the U.S.? Do I have to go to Panama or Mexico?

Saturday, July 04, 2009


On a whim me and H. walked to Union Station and took a bus called Megabus to Milwaukee. Well we got our tickets and left a little later. They only charged us a couple dollars! When I use to see the ads a couple years ago, I thought it was a gimmick with a big catch. Well apparently not.
At Summerfest we saw that Paramour/No Doubt were doing a show at 7Pm. H. got tickets and we walked around. We saw lots of acts including some interesting Colombian or was it Equadorian musicians with guitars and whistles that hypnotised us. They were awesome. At seven the Paramour/No Doubt show started. Gwen was the bomb. After that we headed down towards the Harley Davidson stage. Along the way, Matisyahu was playing I think the Oasis stage. OMG he's a sight but can he JAM. He's so good, I'd trade my old Sean Paul cds for his. He's a bona fide reggae star. After awhile there, and as much as it personally pained us to walk away I had to see Judas Priest as they are one of my top 10 favourite bands of all time. Not to mention the fact that they were the main reason for even going to Summerfest. It was weather perfection. It couldn't have been more perfect. It was about 72 and overcast all day but there wasn't a drop of rain. On the beginning of the road trip, I Googled "Milwaukee B&B's" and the first one I called had a room available for a hundred bucks! It was awesome and we were fed well. Very very well. So well that a frogurt with fruit from Berry Chill on State Street was all we had that evening. We - I had fun. Dancing in the aisles at No Doubt, like (according to "H") a cross between Cindy Lauper and Gwen Stefani. And then head banging to metal tunes (still remembering all the words) by Priest like "Breaking the Law". LOL My comment to dat...... I may be 50 but I still ROCK!