Saturday, July 14, 2007


In the recent past when conversing with friends or relatives and said, "I'm dating a 'Scotsman' and he wears a kilt at weddings" or "I'm dating a cute 'Irishman' from Cork." I was not accused of being a bigot or racist. No one shusshed me and said, "don't say that!" Nor was I scolded when I told friends, "my friend Simone just married a 'Frenchman' who reminds me of the French dude from Hogans Hero's." But now on a family reunion blog on which I added my chopstick story to, (see below) I used the word Chinaman and, WHOA! You should have seen the feedback I got on it. I was reprimanded and told that I should use the word Asian American and that I shouldn't say things like that. OH MY GAWD! I was attacked and scolded. Which is what I am ranting about here. The people in this country are all being newly programmed with this stupid PCness crap. How dare you say this and how dare you say that. You're horrible. I'm not allowed to say to a group of people a comment like. "I think that it was right that Immigration deported that Mexican women in the movie Babel. She broke the law." Or I'll be called heartless. Yes I felt sorry for her. I cried. But I don't feel like it was so wrong that she got deported. Having said that, I suddenly become the antiChrist in the room, for saying such a thing. It's crazy insane for people to think that a comment like that is a personal attack against all Hispanics. It makes me think that there's a lot more small mindedness in the world then I already believed there to be.
It's also wrong of me to think that most politicians suck up to all kinds of groups and lobbyists falsely and exclusively for the purpose of getting votes. (of course I mentioned a few, which I wont here) They tap dance around issues very tactfully to appease both sides of the fences. And I get bashed for opinions of mine like this. I'm accused of being uncompassionate and unchristian and told that this country has enough to go around as a reply to me, after I said, I think we're being sucked dry and tapped out by this that and the other" (each city has it's own sects and groups, so it's different everywhere. 'Fill in the blanks')
I thought we had freedom of speech here in this country. Yet guys like Borat get sued and Isaiah Washington gets sent away for de and re-programming and then subsequently sacked, for ranting in front of colleagues in a rehearsal room. I saw the Larry King interview. Isaiah has become a big fat scapegoat. There are those who truly believe I'm a "bigot" and "ignorant". According to a couple of cousins, by my saying something in the likes of, oh, for instance......., "My friend married an 'Englishman' who remind's me of Hugh Grant." is something that would be a big NO NO to say in public. It's not P.C. Who knew? One cousin thought I lacked compassion when I had given such opinions of the afore mentioned. Note to self: Take those Isaiah classes.
It also seems we can't talk about God or Jesus in public anymore and I'm supposed to be all right about that because of the off chance possibility that I may offend a Hindu, Jew or Muslim. And how dare I not find that acceptable. How dare I not be considerate to the atheist or satanist, (or who ever) by NOT putting up a Christmas tree.
How dare I complain about it. I should be tolerant. These days tolerance means you must not offend. Therefore I should BE O.K. about NOT PUTTING UP MY CHRISTMAS TREE IN MY SHOP.
Sorry but all this is bullshit on a stick to me. I don't buy it. I wont buy it. It's stupid.
I don't give a toss and I don't care who I offend. I am offended too.
When did so many people in the U.S.A. become so joyless and humorless? I don't know but I feel like Donald Sutherland in The Body Snatchers movie. That humans are being replaced by drone versions of themselves.


Deb said...

3 whole days since your post, and I'm the 1st to comment...? The PC police must be on the prowl! Or maybe the cats have peoples' tongues.

There is a severe case of uptightedness going around, brought on by homogenization I suspect. You kow... homogenized milk and malls and fast-food restaurants. Differences of all types are being shunned in favor of homogenized personalities (aka dronebodies):) It's sad.

Keep up the good work, CatWoman. Differences of opinion (and other facets of life) are cause for celebration. Those who disagree can simply voice their own points of view. It's called dialogue.

Bashing and scolding, on the other hand, are acts meant to silence and serve to smother the freedom of expression we are meant to enjoy.

...just my opinion...

CatWoman said...

Other bloggers are probably afraid of leaving public comments for fear of being blackballed.
They're sure leaving them in my email box though.

DavidPHXAZ said...

Gosh, I prefer using the term, "dignified individual of Chinese heritage whose culture is equal but different from mine." LOL! Yes, it's gotten out of hand--to the point of just being right out ridiculous. We're at a point where everyone has become a PC prude and nobody can laugh and be a human being.

Avi in AZ said...

The other part of the argument, though--aside from offending Jews, Muslims and Hindus with talk of God and with Christmas trees--is an extremist US Christian right that tries to impose its faith on the rest of us. This country was founded on the separation of church and state, the US is becoming far more diverse than what it once was, and Islam is the fastest growing religion in this country. Don't you think facts on the ground in the US should reflect this fact?