Friday, July 06, 2007

This Is How Much I Love Chocolate Cake

This is how much I love chocolate cake. Yes I bug my friends after we go out to dinner. I bug them to take me to Ethel's Or the The Fudge Pot in Old town. I confess I'm a bad influence. But this is me. I'm the one who sticks a finger in a cake's frosting. And I'm the one saying, "No I don't want to share a dessert. I want MY OWN!" Yup me in a nutshell. Or should I say a chocolate bag?

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Avi in AZ said...

This reminds me of that one Graham Norton Show that had women engaging in a fetish practice called sploshing. Basically, these women were getting off on spilling and splashing food on themselves. I won't tell what one woman did after she sat on a cake. LOL!!!

I don't understand it. But, hell, to each one's own, right? Live and let live. All that "peace, love and understanding" stuff.