Friday, July 06, 2007


Holy crap. I came home late last night and saw this guy near the shrubs by my front door. If it weren't for that neon stripe that is spotable a mile away, I would have gotten sprayed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy was I close this time! I need to carry a maglight with me everywhere I go now. Jesus! Shine a beam of light along my pathway. I sure can't see me call my neighbor, "Um, I just got skunked, can you please go to the store and buy me 30 gallons of V8 and douse me in the basement. I can't see myself in a tin washtub being immersed in tomato juice. Embarrasing!


Rhianna said...

Skunks are all over my parents' neighborhood!

Riannan said...

He is kind of cute, almost catlike. Maybe you could catch him and have him descented and neutered.