Saturday, July 07, 2007


Last night a friend met me in Chinatown after an appointment I had there. So we had a late dinner. We found a place that he knew and sat down. We ordered and when the food came I asked for a fork. I don't do chopsticks. I don't do them because when I went to Tokyo I struggled to figure out how to use them before getting there. When I arrived in Tokyo, no where in two dozen restaurants that I saw, were there chopsticks on the table. There was no where where I had to sit on my knees on the floor either. The tables were like the ones in the U.S.A. and regular utensils were on every table as well. So I never bothered. I thought what's the point? All the Chinese restaurants in Chicagoland metro area have both chopsticks and utensils on the tables. So when I asked for a fork last night I didn't think that would be a strange request. The old guy said, "This is Chinatown. No one ask for fork here. Let me go find something for you." I felt like a I turd. I refuse to struggle for my food. It's so much easier with a fork and spoon. And being an American I see no point. It's not like I'm in Rome and I should do as the Romans. I'm here. In my homeland asking for a fucking fork! That's all. Is it really so complicated to keep forks being a restaurant owner? REALLY!


Deb said...

:)) I agree with you whole-heartedly.

That being said, I specifically requested chopsticks from a MtVernon WA Thai restaurant a few weeks ago. I wanted to use the chopsticks in a weaving project; but instead, I used them to scrape dog poop from the bottom of my shoes at an Oregon campground.

Chopsticks CAN be very useful!
...and people can be turds. You, however, are a gem. During my recent travels, I missed this blog with your keen cat-like insights.

CatWoman said...

Thank you D woman. Thank you.

Rhianna said...

I prefer to eat with a fork and knife.
I never got the hang of how to use chopsticks.
Maybe chopsticks could help with a diet because I couldn't put as much food in my mouth?
I don't think it's the quantity as much as my desire to eat the fattening stuff ;)

Avi in AZ said...

I agree with you. I never understood using chopsticks. I never figured out how to use them without flinging food into a restaurant's four corners. Give me a knife, a fork, a spoon...anytime. And for all those pretentious people who think they're cultured because they use chopsticks, I say: "FORK YOU!" Okay, an oldie, but one appropriate for the occasion.