Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Some people think that I'm some sort of a freak Tory or Conservative. SO I'll answer the question now. I'd prefer to not be categorized as either a conservative or a liberal.
I'm obviously not a liberal and I'm not conservative because for one I don't believe that federal government or state have the right to decide which people constitute a family.
For instance if two women, gay or straight, cohabitating under the same roof, with their children in my opinion are considered a family unit.
People in these arrangements deserve the right to make the pull the plug or don't decisions, or have family membership rights at the "Y".
I also don't think that anyone has the right to shove their Judeo-Christian beliefs down the throats of anyone who wants to have an abortion or deny insurance and legal rights for someone's same sex partner.
This is a free country that was formed expressly for the reason of freedom of religion. If a woman wants to abort, why should anyone interfere? One can express their opinion,but to legally stop it is really unAmerican altogether.
I wont continue with several paragraphs of political rhetoric but I will say, as I've travelled around the world. I've seen how we really don't have it so bad at all.
You don't want socialized medicine because if you've ever been to the U.K. or most places in Europe, where you had to pay a buck 65 for a soda out of a vending machine.
Or double for a burger and a beer. Or even 45 bucks for a pair of cheap walking shoes, at the equivalent of a Pay Less shoe store, you'll see how it's a bad idea.
The reason stuff is so expensive is because they have to pay for the free health care somehow. They have to get the money from somewhere and the percentage out of everyone's pay check just doesn't cut it anymore and hasn't for a long time. DO YOU ALL REALLY WANT TO PAY double for practically everything?
The wages in the U.K. are the same as here in the U.S. but almost everything is between 20 and 85% more expensive than here in the U.S.A.
Still think it's a good idea for free health care to all? EVERY SINGLE PERSON ALIVE AND BREATHING IN THIS COUNTRY?
There are Americans who think that the leaders of this country are their enemy.
Albeit they aren't especially productive without the persistance of our beloved lobbyists on their heels.
I've been to Indonesia and in this country you are not allowed to co-habitate with your girlfriend if you're a male. Yet here in the states if a man wanted to live with two women or two other men, he can without consequence.
You can be a gay male or female here and your partner can be covered on your insurance plan.
Still think our leaders are your enemy? The PM of Australia (big ol' AUSTRALIA) is opposed to giving gay people equal rights. IT'S 2007 AND John Howard IS STILL OPPOSED.
Come on children. Let's wake up and smell the coffee!


M- Filer said...

with all due respect catwoman....paying $1.65 for a can of soda is expensive but one can easily do without it, unlike healthcare, which someone can not easily do without. The part of the equation that I think you are missing is that the government is already covering the uninsured to a large extent, unpaid or underpaid medical bills are a large part of why healthcare is so expensive. Why not employ a system that requires the working to pay into their own healthcare coverage--like in Massachusetts? We pay out SS benefits to wealthy Americans who do not need it, yet we marginalize 40 million Americans by not giving them a self respecting road to healthcare. They are being treated now, but at great expense to the taxpayer AND to their own self esteem. Why not afford them the opportunity to pay something and walk with dignity into a an ER or clinic?

CatWoman said...

Dear heart
I know most people (myself included)hate to see people in need not get proper health care. That is a problem. It needs to be properly addressed. I'm not the one who is in position to do this. I don't think the answer is socialized medicine,like Canada. The horrors of a woman who has to be put on a waiting list to wait for a mammogram is one of the things that scares the crap out of me. That's one example only that puts me off about that plan. If what you all are doing in Mass is working then maybe we should bring it on. I don't have the infinite wisdom that comes with upteen degrees. I'm just ex Fed gvt/medical health care worker. I just watch the news and travel the world and see and hear.