Tuesday, January 22, 2008


O.K. so many of you have emailed me asking where did I go on my birthday. Well for starters, many places. I started last weekend and I still haven't finished celebrating. I go with different people now and then to celebrate.
The first place was a bowling alley for a couple games with four girlfriends, then Italian to follow. I had a date a few days prior to that to Cafe Iberico, downtown Chicago for some Spanish tapas. After that I wanted to go to the Regale Beagle after I saw an ad for the place and so Sunday after noon it was straight to the Beagle.
It was o.k. it was a bar with many t.v.'s. We watched New England and San Diego kick off. Then had finger food (mini burgers for me) and then chocolate fondu for dessert. SUGAR SHOCK!!! I haven't fondued for a decade. Wow is all I can say. Heaven is chocolate banana! The actual dessert is a chocolate fondu with a plate full of pound cake, strawberries, banana slices, pineapple slices and marshmallows.
The theme of the place is 70's and 80's memorabilia. Mostly photos of the stars of the hit shows of the 70's and 80's.

You Know You're Getting Old When..........

Your 50 something friend gives you her copy of The Wisdom of Menopause.
Girl Scouts call you maam.
You die your hair and the grey is still showing even after you've had the crap on for an hour!
When teenagers think people your age don't have sex anymore.
When people you meet, born in your birth year look frightfully old.
When you realize that all the oldies you hear on the radio are only about 22 years old.
When you find mysterious hairs in places that never had these mysterious hairs before.
When you discover that wearing one contact lens actually works better for you.

And when you're talking about having lunch and drinks at the * Reagle Beagle (again) some get the joke and some need some 'splainin'.


I just turned 49 Monday.
I thought that would be a cool thing.
But it actually SUCKS.

* See next post

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Britney bipolar??? Is that what they're calling "stupid" these days? The new politically correct version for "stupid", "heedless", "unaware", "clueless", "blockhead" is now classified as "Bipolar".
BIPOLAR IS THE NEW STUPID. But in her case, those who really are Bipolar, I feel sorry for you all, to have such a drip in the same category as you. May you folk, find peace in the coming months.

It's not entirely her fault though. I mean let's look at her wonderful role model parents. "DUR"

TTFN and have a nice week y'all!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Robert Rodriguez of Chingon

This guy takes my breath away when he sings Malaguena Salerosa but doesn't take his away at all.
Listen it's great. (And yes, if it brings the movie Kill Bill to mind, you're right. Chingon was a featured artist from the movie)