Thursday, February 05, 2009


What ever happened to the word "there"? I woke up one day and the word there disappered from the English language. What happened to it? I notice on t.v. people interviewed on the news saying......."It was a big fire and it was too many flames to run in the house to save our stuff" Or "It was a lot of water. Our car got flooded and now half our house got flooded"..... Then there's "It was a lot of people at the concert in the park. Maybe over a thousand" I'm at a loss. When did this go into effect? I didn't get the memo. I didn't hear about it on the news. I didn't read about it in the newspaper. Perhaps it went to the same place the word all right went. I don't know.
If you know what happened to it? R.S.V.P. and Thanks

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Well it happened. I turned 50. I had a hell of a past few months but I'm much better now. I was not well. I was so unwell I thought I'd lose my mind. When you feel like shit and it doesn't get better, not only is it depressing it's stressful as well.
I turned 50 somewhere between being in agony and getting a lot better.
I'd prefer to not post the details but I got personal emails from a few bloggers with well wishes and I thank you for your thoughtfulness there.
50 was not as traumatising as I thought it would be. But it still sucks. I had the best of dinners, and hit the club scene with 4 of my best peeps and then got presented with a gorgeous blue topaz ring (gargantuan sized) diamond cut in white gold. It's a masterpiece and only someone who really knows me could know my taste. (That statement is meant to be a jab to the blockheads who could never get it right) It's beautiful. I like large sized jewelry. I'm not into dainty piddly things.
Will post again soon.
Just wanted all to know I'm alive and well and planning to go to Manhattan soon.