Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Well it happened. I turned 50. I had a hell of a past few months but I'm much better now. I was not well. I was so unwell I thought I'd lose my mind. When you feel like shit and it doesn't get better, not only is it depressing it's stressful as well.
I turned 50 somewhere between being in agony and getting a lot better.
I'd prefer to not post the details but I got personal emails from a few bloggers with well wishes and I thank you for your thoughtfulness there.
50 was not as traumatising as I thought it would be. But it still sucks. I had the best of dinners, and hit the club scene with 4 of my best peeps and then got presented with a gorgeous blue topaz ring (gargantuan sized) diamond cut in white gold. It's a masterpiece and only someone who really knows me could know my taste. (That statement is meant to be a jab to the blockheads who could never get it right) It's beautiful. I like large sized jewelry. I'm not into dainty piddly things.
Will post again soon.
Just wanted all to know I'm alive and well and planning to go to Manhattan soon.


Rhianna said...

Are you going to visit Manhattan or do you plan to live there?

CatWoman said...

Nah just gonna visit. Don't know if it's gonna be before spring break or after. I just know I don't want to do this during spring break or after school finishes.

Gina said...

Hey it's wonderful to "see" you back.....I wondered what happened to sorry to hear you weren't feeling well....hopefully you are better? and turning 50 in the middle of's a handful.....

Manhatten is good....cures most anything.

Avi in AZ said...

You rock, Catwoman!!!!!!