Friday, July 30, 2004


OCTOBER 15th 2004

I read this book and it's
awesome. It's really long
but a great story. It has
inspired me to go to
Lincoln, England to see this
awesome ancient city and
It takes place in 12th century England. It shows the life and times of all classes of people. Kings, queens, knights, squires, ladies, priests, villagers, pilgrams and even people of the forest. It shows the trials and tribulations of daily life but extends to the life story of a few characters who cross paths with each other in the environs of Lincolnshire. Along the road towards the building of the Lincoln Cathedral. It shows the strength of the Church of England and also shows the dirty politics within the church at that time as well. A very vivid and graphic read. It's one of Follett's top best.
Out of 5 stars, I give this one a 5.

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Rhianna said...

Any more details about the book?
I've been to Scotland, but I haven't been to England--I hope to see it some day. England has great architecture & history.

My passion is Flamenco in Seville & I love the Prado Museum in Madrid. I love Spain...but right now the closest I can get is through the pages of a book.