Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Nothing grosses me out more than festive holiday themed sweaters but now I've seen the ultimate gross sweater. Animal themed holiday themed sweaters if that makes sense.
I suppose you all think I'm an urban snob. Well I really don't give a piss what you think anyway. I'm from Chicago. We don't do cheery festive holiday themed anything. It's so suburbia. It's so country. We'd like to distance ourselves from not only suburbia but definitely the country. We are not country anything lovers. Artisans who sell arts and crafts have stopped selling the stuff at our art fairs. We simply just don't get into this shit anymore. When I saw this on a colleague, I wanted to hurl. Yes she's from the country living in suburbia. All I could think was "how gauche. And BARF!"


Lame Shrill Owl said...

I think I might have actually seen this on a teacher at the school I work at. Funny. I hate that stuff too.

FF said...

I think I've seen worse MsMeow. :) At least it has animals on it and not Xmas trees and stuff.