Friday, December 30, 2005

Video Rental Movie Review

Finally rented and saw War of the Worlds for the first time.
War of the Worlds basically rips off a Star Trek Voyager alien. Remember
species 8472????
Both have three legs of some sort. Nothing

like having a leg growing out of your ass right??
Both slink around like a creature that's half cat and half reptile.
Both are tripods and their heads are very very similar.
(They look like my bicycle seat) Not original guys!!!

Species 8472 - Star Trek Voyager (Fourth and Fifth seasons)

The flick was great. Just like Independence Day and Signs.
It didn't freak me out as much as Fire in the Sky though.
That movie made me wanna crap myself. LOL
That was a real story and maybe that's why, I was so creeped
I give this one an A -
Best scenes are the ones in the beginning where they just start
vaporizing everyone on the spot and then the hide and seek
scene with Tim Robbins. Speaking of which, I was glad to see
his ass get kicked by Tom cat. LOL I woulda done the same thing
to shut his pie hole.


Lame Shrill Owl said...

We watched it on New Years Eve, along w/ Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I liked both of the movies. I never saw the Star Trek you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Think of the 3rd leg as a modified Kangaroo tail. :)

Anonymous said...

war of the worlds is way older then the trek creatures

here's a pic from the 60's

Anonymous said...

The War of the Worlds was written by H.G. Wells in 1898. Somehow, I don't think he ripped off Voyager 100 years before it was made.

CatWoman said...

Jeez louise what I meant was that Voyager's alien was made before this NEW movie. I KNOW the book was written 100 years ago. The NEW War of the Worlds movie's version of the tripod looks very very similar to Treks alien which was created years prior.