Monday, May 21, 2007

Crazy Talkers

Some people make me laugh. And confuse me at the same time. Everytime I talk about my trip to Egypt with people I get both positive and negative feedback. Some of this feedback is surreal. Where some people get perceptions about places like north Africa and the middle east is down right slanted. Where do some of you get these notions? I've already heard a half dozen times comments like, "I think I'd feel safer in Europe or Australia" Or "I'll stick to the United States, it's safer".
ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Someone tell another joke. Where do you come up with these?
I felt the most safe in Egypt and Morocco. The U.S. is the scariest place in the free world. Maybe Chicago alone can be re-named SCARYVILLE one day. You people really need to read a book or get a video. These people are great. Get out all those crazy ideas in your head, paralyzing you from travel to these fine places.
Just do yourself a favor and have a chat with someone who has been to these regions.
You'll see that your thoughts are unwarranted. No I'm not an Arab. Or an Arab American trying to get people to go to my country. I'm an American and my parents are too. So I'm not biased. I just speak the truth.


Rhianna said...

Maybe the hesitation came from adults who only want to go to Disney for a vacation :)

SYKO TOM said...

Fantastic photos. I got my passport finally for my first time. I have been wanting to go to Egypt all my life. I applaud you for sharing the dream of living life to the fullest.