Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I should have known when I saw the water in the toilet waivering back and fourth.
It was actually swaying wildly. Then I heard the sirens and washed my hands as fast as I've ever washed them in my life. I run to an office with a t.v. but before I turn it on, I see the sky's light up non stop. Continuous lightening lighting the Chicago downtown. I was afraid to touch the t.v.
The sirens rang louder and louder. Holy crap. I turned the t.v. on and heard that Wrigley Field was evacuating the people in the stands because we had a tornado hit the near north and downtown Chicago area. Then it went dead. The cable went out. Crap! I turned on a radio. Static. Well at least I'm in a hospital. If they call a code grey, I'm in the right place. I've got a two giant water coolers and a couple turkey with mayo sandwiches and fig newtons in the fridge. I don't ever remember a tornado in my life. At least not in the metro area. We've had nasty El Nino winds, but a bonafide funnel tornado, was a first. I hung out at the office until 10 to 10. It calmed down. I ventured out hating the still flashing skys. I walked to the train station. Flashing, and more flashing up there on the platform. I'm hating every second of the 8 minute wait for the train. I'm safe. I arrive at my stop and the bus is downstairs waiting for me. No rain. 10 minutes, I see the drops on the windows slowly starting. Then they got heavier and heavier. It came down like a giant wave. Water started to come into the bus immediately. It was pretty bad. I knew my umbrella and wind breaker would be futile in keeping me dry. I got off the bus 5 minutes later in the thunder, lightening and torrents and made a run for it. BANG! CRACK! BOOM! I was terrified but finally was home. In front of my sweet residential street, I saw destroyed branches of trees and flowers shredded and littering the streets and sidewalks. Soaking wet, I walked in the building's hallway leaving a foot trail. I took the shoes off at the front door. At least I had power to come home to. 20,000 weren't so lucky.

I peeled off my skirt, socks, Mephisto's and top and just draped them over the tub and put the Mephisto's near a window cracked open a tad. Hopefully, they'll not be ruined. Now even though I will never ever have grandkids, it's a story I can tell my nieces, nephews and great nephews and nieces. My adventure out in the great Chicago tornado of "08.
My only concern now, is that we don't have any mysterious monsters wash up on our shores of Lake Michigan. Eeeeewwwwwwwwww!

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