Tuesday, June 29, 2004


The ladies I work with were telling me the most wild tale of a city in Puerto Rico (Lares) that's world famous for their 1000 flavors of ice cream. Not nutty, fruity stuff but weird unusual stuff that you'll never find in America. For example Cod fish, rice and beans, garlic, tomato, and more. Who buys this stuff? The Puerto Ricans I know, wouldn't eat cod fish ice cream if you gave it to them free. I just had to blog this unique place to you, so that you could Google it for yourselves and see. It's HeladerĂ­a de Lares. SO try HeladerĂ­a Lares Ice Cream in your search, cause, I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!
I think I only have one friend who would eat cod fish ice cream.

End of Story.

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