Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Nobody believed me............One day at work, I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and where the drapery was open a bit, I saw a squirrel with a snickers bar in it's hand. It unwrapped it and ate it right there, on the other side of the window. Then, I saw it go to the trash bin across the alley and get out another one and come back to the window again and bury the other one. It buried 3 snickers bars and then got a 5th one and started eating it right there by the window again.
It was so cute, and I was so amused that I sat there and watched it for nearly 15 minutes.
Later when I told some people about it in the cafeteria, they thought I was kidding and telling some tall Halloween yarn. It wasn't a Halloween yarn damned it! The Walmart next door threw out their expired Halloween candy and the squirrel was enjoying it.
Somehow I don't think these people believed me by the way they were laughing and shaking their heads side to side. But IT REALLY DID HAPPEN! Candy eating squirrels DO exist. This is not an urban legend!

Reeses Squirrel

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