Thursday, August 12, 2004

Cheapskates From Hell

Please leave a proper tip! I don't know how many times in one life I've seen gross under tipping. I've seen so many blockheads in my life that it's mortifying. I don't know why people do this. Don't get a drink at a bar anywhere, this means at a wedding, benefit, funeral or Christmas party, without tipping the bartender. Don't be cheap! I've also seen people sit like clueless clods while the mariachis sing their song request and don't tip them. No matter whether it's a mariachi band or other strolling entertainers, per your request, TIP THEM! Or don't go to a place with entertainers! I, being from Chicago, just think that maybe the offenders are from po-dunk towns, foreign villages, or farms and don't know any better. Perhaps they're people who are just cheapskates. Maybe it's just that their parents were immigrants and never taught their city kids this habit. I don't have these answers. For what ever reason, do your date or guest(s) a favor and not ask her/him out if you're going to be cheap about everything. Just wait and save up until you can. It should not be a complicated thing to go to the bank on payday, and get a few singles and/or fives for this. Go to a website to see who and how much you should tip. You tip your massage therapists, bellhops, coat checker, and the list goes beyond on. Which means the minister who baptizes your kid and buries your relative should be paid also. THIS is not a tip, it's a more of a paycheck! So don't be an ass and leave proper tips! If you are offended by this blog you can piss off and don't read it anymore and don't invite me anywhere.

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