Wednesday, August 11, 2004


BACON SOAP! YUCK! Piglet 2 - Click image to download.

I've heard of some really gross things but this takes the cake.
Me, a girly gurl in the bath department. I'm so fru fru about bath time, that not only do I exfoliate in mandarin and citrus body sugar scrubs. I wash my hair in Aveda shampoo and conditioner. And frequent visits at the Body Shop or Crabtree and Evelyn for their wonderful fruity or flowery soaps which I bathe with. Then of course I have to use an equally fragrant skin lotion or body butter, not to mention top it off with a scented body mist. Most women like fragrant soaps, or at least lightly scented powdery scented ones. Which makes me wonder WHY OH WHY would one want to make or use bacon soap. WHY? WHY would you want to bathe in Dead Pig Carcass and Lye!???? See link below to see what I mean. It's just all too unreal. FOFLOL



O.K. Now here's something less gross, but still as way out there as BACON Soap. It's "CAFFEINATED" Soap!!!!
Now coffee's not good enough? You have to inject yourself with caffeine now in your morning shower??? Now really....
First Milk Baths, Oatmeal baths, now caffeine ?
How nuts is this? See for yourself. Click below links.


Well, hey, if I'm really desperate, I'll keep a bar on standby. What's next?

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought, but wouldn't your cat like you better if you smelled like bacon?