Sunday, September 25, 2005

THE 4400

This just makes me mental. I came home from my vacation to see the taped last episode of The 4400. WHAAAAATTTTTT!!?? Billy Campbell (woof woof) it appears is not dead and will be back. I HATE these cliff hangers. They make me insane. I'm glad he'll be back. He gorgeous. I'm so confused. I missed the first two episodes and really gotta just find them via rental or reruns, cuz I'm really trying to figure out WTF!
Anyway, I'm psyched to start seeing Billy Campbell regularly. LOL


Rhianna said...

He is gorgeous :-)

An80sNut said...

Great show and yes, I've watched every episode and am a little thrown by him being alive. But then again, it could have been an elaborate hoax created to copy the resurrection. Never know. I'm still weirded out by a few of the twists in the series. Especially, psycho-baby.