Sunday, February 25, 2007

Family Cameras

I'm old as dirt. These belong to the family for almost a hundred years. The flash cube one in the middle was mine.

I currently have a great Canon EOS and a Exilim digital by Casio I wouldn't trade for any of these even if they were in perfect working order.
I love new tech! I'll leave the vintage collecting to the 20 & 30 somethings. I'm done with dust collectors.

I'm amazed how every antique shop and garage sale I pass by, I see these. Why do 20 somethings love shit like this in their homes? I'll never get it. I guess I'm way past junk collecting and loving it.


Rhianna said...

I like that camera collection.

What's wrong with the metal ice cube tray? That looks nice. I have to make ice in my freezer, it's not automatic. I've got plastic ones from the odd-lot shop :)

Meow said...

I prefer the plastic kind. I like new. There's too much work involved with those old things.
With the plastic you mostly can just pluck out a couple cubes with your fingers. Or just knock the tray on the side of your counter and loosen up a couple cubes.
My thing is why buy something 30 years old when you can go to the store and get something new and modern. Like I said all that kitchy collectable stuff can go to the 20 somethings. I'm done collecting crap. I'll keep my space savers and under cabinet stuff until they don't work. And then GET NEW ONES.