Thursday, February 08, 2007


What is wrong with some people???? My friend is in the middle of a break up asked me to go with her to pack her things at her boyfriend's house where she was staying. Oh my God. It's a blessing she's out of there cuz, I never saw a worse PACK RAT in my entire life. It was gross. And so was the dust. He must have had 200 t-shirts!!!! Guys...... is it really necessary to keep every t-shirt you ever purchased??? Is it necessary to keep every coffee mug ever given to you, every bobble head doll, every beer mug, shot glass, every Playboy, Sports Illustrated or Men's Health???? I need to understand why guys keep all the t-shirts, sweat shirts and sweaters. Especially when most are never or rarely worn. Yes I have 35 pairs of shoes and probably a dozen hand bags but I DO USE THEM ALL THE TIME.

My favorite thing was this telephone collection. OMG, there were 15 and they only had 6 rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not like it was a cute phone collection (from the 20's & 40's etc) kinda phones. They were all modern phones. Some cordless & some land lines. They were just laying around and there were about 8 that were actually plugged in. OY. Girl, it's good you're done with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy had at least a thousand videos on VHS. Then he's got over two hundred DVD's already. Good grief. Can't you just buy your very favorite few and be happy? Why do people have to buy a movie just to have it? I don't get this. I need to understand. I really do. I have a large CD music collection but I listen to them all the time. I'm ready to box them all since the invention of the i-Pod, I really don't know why I need to store them in the living room in a cabinet. I really must box them in a giant Rubbermaid container. This guy is always watching new movies or sports and never ever watched those movies. (She lived with him for a year and a half and never once did he pop one of the new ones in unless he hadn't seen it before and just bought it.)

Guys...........if you were ever wondering why your girlfriend doesn't want to move in with you or marry you, you may want to re-examine your packing habits. Do you keep junk???? No one wants to be cleaning and dusting under that crap every weekend. Think about it. Do you really really have to have this stuff? Do you really think you're going to get a thousand dollars an issue if you hang on to your Playboy for 30 years????????? Cuz YOU'RE NOT. Do you really think that people are going to be in awe of you because you have over a thousand DVD's???? They aren't! This does not impress people one iota!!! No one cares. And you're not "the coolest"! One day your "If she doesn't like me and my stuff - fuck her" attitude will find you all ALONE, and I hope it's really really worth it to you.


Rhianna said...

You know, I look around my place and I'm a little bit of a pack rat (sad to say) and in a way I kind of like my "stuff" errh, but I don't have a telephone collection -- I recently started a friendship with a military man online, so don't tell him ;-)

Isabel's Mommy said...

You friend has to feel "free" now to be away from all that clutter. Yikes!