Sunday, September 16, 2007


What's up with the 411 operators lately? The last dozen or so calls I've made to 411 were all persons (both male and female) who were undoubtedly Filipino. I know that accent anywhere. I spent 6 weeks there. There's no mistake on my part that when you and I are dialing 411 it's being routed to the Philippines. They have no idea how to find what you're looking for. When you just hang up and dial again, you get yet another clueless about "your town" Filipino person on the other end, who just doesn't understand you when you say simple things like "Cheesecake Factory". I had to spell out cheese because she wasn't understanding my thick Chicago accent. Jesus. I was like, "C as in Charlie. H as in hotel, E like echo, E like echo, S like sierra CAKE!" Then a dude didn't understand me asking for a certain spa and again I had to spell it out. "S like sierra".................. It's been frustrating, trying to get a number and fly out the door. The calls are too time consuming. You best look up a number yourself on Google. You can get it on your mobile phone now. If you can't figure out how to do this, just ask a 6th grader. There's only 2 people in my whole circle of friends who have figured out how to use Google on their phones. You don't pay extra for this in most cases. You don't have to have a pda for this feature either. I say boycott 411. I don't have anything against Filipinos. But they have been making a poor excuse as a 411 operator. I think it's best to talk to a Filipino from the Philippines face to face. It's much easier to communicate when they can see your lips and hear you in person. Otherwise this over the phone crap is shite. Especially when the call takes several minutes, and you just want to run out the door to get somewhere. On another note. If the tables were reversed, I'd be the bomb operator in the Philippines. I've never not understood a Filipino with a thick accent. I've always understood them perfectly.


Mark Wadsworth said...

It could go on for ever though ...
"C for Charlie"

"C for Charlie, H for Hotel, A for Alpha ...!"

"Hotel, Oscar, Tango Echo, Lima!"

M- Filer said...

I just programmed google into my cell phone this week and I didn't even have to consult a 6th grader! A 29yo clued me in. Who knew?

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Yeah - I don't even bother with information anymore. If I can't find it myself quickly on the internet, I don't need it! Ha!