Saturday, September 08, 2007


What ever happened to Jameson Parker and Dirk Benedict?
I bumped into an old co-worker of mine and she asked me if I was married. Ha! I told her, "no". "What about you?", I asked. She said, "yes". After the usual back and forth she says, "I thought you'd be married by now with a brat. You always were dating nice guys who looked like Jameson Parker or Dirk Benedict. You know real vanilla wafers." What ever the hell that meant. No one ever described guys I dated as the Jameson Parker or Dirk Benedict type before, but I have to admit, I did date at least two guys that look like Dirk in my life. I do admit I have a penchant for real white boys. No fault of my own. I grew up in a German neighborhood. These were the first boys I knew in life. Nice, good boys. I don't date only German boys though. Next in line usually were Scots, Scots Irish or Irish. Whatever. I didn't go out of my way to choose these guys. It was just happen chance. My mom was funny, if I met someone, she'd ask me which celebrity did he look like. Because I dated guys who looked like Matthew McConaughey, Rutger Hauer and a Ewan McGregor prior to her passing.
After the Starbucks lunch (pumpkin loaf & an iced venti soy latte), I came home and wondered what happened to Jameson Parker and Dirk Benedict. So I looked up Dirk on the Internet Movie Data Base AKA
B" movies and also acted in Germany.
On his web site he's written books and done plays. O.K. he's fine. Normal stuff. Then I looked up Jameson of Simon and Simon fame, and he did movies, t.v. shows and also wrote books but there was a little ditty that freaked me out on there. Says he was shot twice by a neighbor by a neighbor on October 1, 1992 near his condominium in Studio City in a dispute over dog waste. He was released from the hospital a day later. The man who shot him was charged with attempted murder and sentenced to 9 years in state prison. What a freak. 9 years in prison only. Just because he didn't cripple or kill him. Don't get me started. I swear this seems to be a trend. No one ever gets any quality time anymore. That's why there's so much violence out there. They give people short sentences and no follow up anger management required. I know this for a fact that it does not occur in Chicago. Once you're out that's it. You're an angry person forced to eek out a living without any anger management requirements or career opportunity. They also make it impossible to commit a family member who needs to be put away. Then when that person snaps and kills another, the other person's family wants to sue the psychotic or schizo's family for not taking charge of their relative. Nice going America. For all the brains and wealth we are known for we suck at MUCHO. Protecting civil rights has gotten out of hand already. There's too much protection IMO. Let's protect all the losers, illegals, psychopaths, sociopaths, celebrities, and killers because we don't want them and their families to miss out on the next election.


J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Sounds as if you have fine taste in men to me!


M- Filer said...

I am officially a member of just one organization. Are ya ready for this? The ACLU! Hahaha. Protecting the rights of psychos, losers, sociopaths, and illegals. That's what I live for.

I really am in favor of protecting certain principles, and given the worlds proclivity in taking advantage of the weak and under represented , I would so much rather an undeserving asshole get a break now and then, then for some poor undeserving schmuck to get raked over the coals of justice because no one stood up to protect
his right to fairness.
I respectfully disagree with your slant darling, but I know from where your frustration stems

Henry North London said...

Glad I'm not the only one who remembers Jameson Parker