Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Robert Goulet Dies

Robert Goulet died today. Boo hoo hoo.
I love this commercial and now I'll get all misty everytime I see it.
When you're old like me and you see all the old timers you grew up seeing on
the Mike Douglas show or Carol Burnett show you know that you're too, starting to er well (get old too). What ever happened to the variety show? They don't exist anymore. We have Dancing with the stars and American Idol but no variety shows. It's either singing or dancing. No funny skits, followed by a band or solo artist. The closest to a variety show are the Leno and Letterman shows really. Ah the good ol' days. I think we've outgrown wholesome stuff. I think really that if there were a variety show I'd be bored. Gimme the gore of E.R. or the CSI's.

This always cracks me up when I see it. I don't know why it makes me laugh. Maybe it's the way Goulet moves.


M- Filer said...

Pretty funny, I have never seen it.

RIP Robert

Gina said...

oh my gosh....this is sooooo funny........although really he looks rather patsy and a little ghoulish...still....I think I remember he did a few of these...nut commercials.....anyways....great clip!!!