Saturday, April 05, 2008


His words are proudly spoken. I love him.

"Radical Islam has seen us for what we are, a soft touch. It sees that political correctness is like a drug that we just can't stop injecting, even though we know it's going to kill us. And they're taking full advantage of that. Turning our sense of fairness against us, and making us despise ourselves for one of our best qualities. And any concession made will be seen as a sign of weakness to be exploited further, because there is no dialogue with radical Islam. It doesn't want to be agreed with. It wants to be obeyed. It thinks it has the God-given right, aptly enough, to make the rules, not just for Muslims, but for everyone."

Is my favorite part.


Avi in AZ said...

This guy is right on target!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Pat Condell rocks!