Saturday, April 12, 2008



Best Male Rock Voices IMO
(Listed in age order)
1. Roger Daltrey from The Who fame b. 3-1-44
2. Freddie Mercury of Queen b. 9-5-46 d. 11-24-91
3. David Bowie b. 1-8-47
4. Dennis De Young of Styx b. 2-18-47
5. Elton John b. 3-25-47
6. Robert Plant b. 8-20-48
7. Paul Rodgers (Bad Company,The Firm & Queen) b. 12-17-49
8. Rob Halford of Judas Priest fame b. 8-25-51
9. Geddy Lee of Rush fame b. 7-29-53
10. Kim Bendix Petersen of King Diamond b. 6-14-56
11. Prince b. 6-7-58
12. Bruce Dickenson of Iron Maiden b. 8-7-58
13. Geoff Tate of Queensr├┐che fame b. 1-14-59
14. Axl Rose b. 2-6-62
15. Serj Tankian of System of a Down fame b.8-21-67
16. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park b. 3-20-76
It's not that I don't think Paul and John or Mick & Ian aren't great singers, but I'm talking spine tingling vocals, which usually include great falsettos and passion when they perform.
I'll always love Ozzy, Dio, Phil et alii, but..............Am I forgetting anyone?????
Honorable mentions
Eddie Vetter
Billy Corgan &
Jim Morrison


J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Great list! But, I would TOTALLY have to add Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam - AMAZING rock voice; edgy, alive, raw and emotional.

Marko said...

Great list!

Gina said...

Hey cat....that was an absolutely hilarious blog you sent me to....with the spicey jerk beef....and its.....aftermath.



Avi in AZ said...

Uh, speaking of classics...Moody Blues?!

Avi in AZ said...

What about Tarkan?!

CatWoman said...

Shut up Avi!
Just a few more months til you're back here with your older older sister. LOL