Sunday, March 27, 2005

Macrobiotic Shmacrobiotic!

I am so fucking sick of people who bow to their significant other's fucking dietetic whims.
I mean really. When I hear someone saying, "Oooooh Barb is gonna get pissed at you if she see's you eating that cake". Or, "What would Glen say if he saw you eating those fries?"
I've known women sneak fries because their significant other disapproved. Or grown men sneak eating cookies or burgers because of their significant others would shit a cow over it. I've had a guy snatch a packet of butter out of my hand once. That was our last date. Fuck you if I can't eat what I want in front of you! I'll eat bad if I damned please, when I damned please. If you don't like it, fucking leave.
My favorite is "Macrobiotic Chick", who's boyfriend is so intimidated by what she'll say if he eats outside of the Macro world. My words "fuck her" and her macrobiotics. I'm not visiting my old friend anymore! I don't feel like shitting algae this week.
People IF YOU'RE WITH A BITCH WHO IS GOING TO MAKE A COMMENT ABOUT YOUR EATING HABITS.......STAND UP TO THEM! Don't be such a spineless or dickless sap. Stand up for your right to freedom fries! Stand up to your right to chocolate! If they can't take it FUCK 'Em!

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