Sunday, August 21, 2005

It's Raining Dead Cicadas

Well I'm convinced that Cook County is trying to kill me, us.......the whole northern county. We got an announcement on our answering machines that trucks were going to tool by and spray poison so as to control mosquitos in prevention of the deadly West Nile Virus that has been plaguing us for 3-4 years now.
They said, close your windows and bring your pets in the house at sundown.
I think it's a one shot deal, until a week later on a different day, I hear the spray trucks whirring in the near distance. Well I didn't get any messages on my machine about their second return and I wasn't notified that this would be a weekly event. I just knew that my favourite neighbour "Georgie" a grey tabby was out.

Georgie is my pal. Georgie lives in my building but is always out playing and hanging out in the evening.
So of course I freak out and fly out of the house to find Georgie and bring him inside. "Georgie! Georgie! GEORGIE!" I'm calling out. I'm looking under bushes and all around. No Georgie. All of a sudden like in a nanosecond, this truck comes speeding out of the alley, turns onto my block and PSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PSSHHHHHHH! GAK! "GEORGIE!!!" No Georgie, so I go inside. Georgie always comes running to me when I call him. Always. So Georgie's mom brought him in, I hope in the nic of time.
Meanwhile I come in. Sit down and all of a sudden my eyes start to tear. I look in the mirror and they're red. NO FUCKING WAY. I thought this poison doesn't poison humans? I put some Patanol in my eye and some lubricating drops and I'm good, but pissed. So 25 minutes later, I decide to go return "The Life Aquatic" movie at Blockbusters (DUMB MOVIE. DUMB AND WEIRD) and all of a sudden it starts raining dead cicadas. GROSS GROSS AND TRIPLE GROSS! EEEEEWWWWWWW.

Can you imagine getting decked with these things? Dropping on your head and squishing their guts as you walk down the street cause they're all over the sidewalk. Nice summer evening huh?

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Lady said...

that is pretty gross...
well - think of it this way - at least you have an investment in you :) and mine is because an old company that I worked for really screwed me over but taht's another long boring story...hope that all is going well with you!