Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Didn't mommy and daddy give you enough attention when you were a child?
It amazes me how stupid so many literate and English speaking U.S. citizens act . The conversations I have with many of them are incredible. I feel like asking them, "are you retarded? Cause there's a 'special' doctor for you at another clinic." What is it that doesn't click when I say their doctor isn't in on Wednesday or Friday? They ask for an appointment with Dr Liu and I tell them from the beginning he is here only on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning." Patient-> "Can I see him on Friday. It's my day off." Me again-> "He's only here on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Patient "What about in three or four weeks then anytime on a Friday?" Me repeating myself a third time. Patient-> "Honey, you gotta understand, I'm 62 years old and only working part time and I need to see him on a Friday." (Fuck me! What does being 62 and working part time have anything to do with the doctors schedule??) Me, "What do you want me to do? It's his surgery day on Friday and he's booked through the middle of October. I can leave a note on his desk with your request that he not do surgery one Friday in the near future and I'll put your phone number on it so that he can call you back and discuss it with you." CLICK. LOL LOL
People do this to us all day long. If I don't get them one of the other secretaries gets one, cause I hear the same old thing every now and then......He's only here Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning and then repeated. LOL Some people are a dumb fucktards. (I stole that one from you FF)

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Lame Shrill Owl said...

You should ask them what they do part-time and then go to their jobs and be a fucktard to them.


Very funny story.