Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Holy crap it was a real close call today. I finally get my renewed passport which I've been anxiously awaiting for my trip to Turkey. I can hardly wait but this trip was done on a whim and well I was careless and never renewed my passport when it expired in January. I took it personally to the passport agency and crossed my fingers hoping for the same two week service that my friend got. It took a little longer but finally got it Friday the 12th. So August 15th, I take it personally to the Turkish Consulate downtown. O.K. I understand going through the metal detector. They've had their share of shit these past few years and past few weeks for that matter. There have been at least a half dozen bombings and explosions since I got my friggin ticket. Murphy's Law here. (I'd like to wring Murphy's neck and snap it like a chicken bone). Anyway, I take my filled out application form with passport and $20.00 bill. Fine. The guy looks at me, gets up, leaves the room. Comes back and asks me what my birthdate is. He types in the computer and gets up and leaves again. He talks to some woman in another room, I'm sitting there wondering. Fuck me! Do I look like some terrorist on some wanted list or something? So, I do some inhaling/exhaling exercises. Calm down MEOW. So he finally comes back after awhile and asks me my birthdate again. WTF?? I tell him again. He finally tells me, Miss, I'm sorry but I just think you have a fake passport. I said, "WHAT?! It's not." He says, "You just don't look your age". Fuck-O-rama! I think. I didn't know what to say. I'm flattered of course that he actually does find me obviously so very young looking and I said to him, "well, I don't have a husband and children. Those two things alone will take at least 15 years off your life", with a chuckle. Well he found that answer acceptable, laughed and gave me my passport and visa. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! That was a close call. I was willing to even admit to plastic surgery if I needed to. Even tho I didn't have any. But it was un-nerving just the same.

Turkey get ready here I come!


Rhianna said...

Have a great trip.
The reading indicated that you'll overcome the obstacles.
This will be an adventure!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the sunshine and the food.
Who's feeding the cats?


Lame Shrill Owl said...

Very funny. Got the husband, but no kids yet. I wonder how much I will age just having a husband.

But - good for you for looking so young.