Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blockheads Never Cease

Some people are so rude and thoughtless and selfish. Today on the train I was one of the people who had to stand holding a rail. One of the last passengers to board after me was an elderly man at least 70 years old. Sitting in the priority seats for handicapped and the elderly were 4 young people under the age of 35. The first was a caucasian male around 25 with his nose in his palm pilot. Didn't look up once or didn't choose to. The second was an African American female around 30 who just sat down and closed her eyes. She also chose not to see if there was anyone in need before planting her ass down in the last seat that was available at the same stop as me. Then on the other side was an Orthodox Jewish male in his late 20's with his nose in the newspaper raised high, not looking behind it once. My eyes would shift back and forth to see if anyone would yield. The fourth person was a hispanic teen on her way to high school no doubt, as she had two books bulging out of her bag pack. She was chatting with a boy who was standing in front of her and giggling and totally oblivious to this man flailing around as the train moved. Finally after 5 minutes I said, "Hey, can one of you people yield your seat to that gentleman"? None of them moved. They paused for about two seconds and looked at me like I was a loose cannon. Don't know why. Didn't yell my request nor did I demand my request.
It's just a matter of selfish RUDE RUDE RUDE PEOPLE!!! The woman didn't even open her eyes. She fained like she was asleep. Yea right my ass. Finally a young man at a nearby seat arose and offered the man his seat. The old man sat down and thanked him. To you 4 people (selfish blockheads) sitting on the express train.... I hope your actions today come back to BITE YOU ON YOUR ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope karma gives you all a taste of your own medicine one day soon, cuz...........what goes around comes around!

Observation: Clueless arrogant prats exist in all colors, sizes, genders and religions. And I blame the parents!

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