Saturday, June 09, 2007


For the umteenth time!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I just wanna scream. My colleague Evie is trying to make me crazy.
She's moving AGAIN, and is calling me to help.

OH FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD! Puhlease people stop calling me to bust my back and fingers.
I am too old to go up and down flights of stairs with boxes. I am too old to be taking chairs and end tables and lamps up and down stairs.
Be a grown up and hire a moving company. To do your packing and to box your stuff and to MOVE you.

People out there. When your friends are over 40 have some mercy. Stop being such a cheapskate and inconsiderate. As I said before. Be a grown up and cough up the dough. YOU HAVE MONEY FOR EVERYTHING ELSE don't you?
IE:Cigarettes, the weekend six pack, take out, the movies.... need I say more?
I'm not killing myself for people anymore. I helped her pack last night and after hunching over, putting stuff in boxes for two hours my back is fucked AGAIN.
It was not easy having a jacked up finger as well (see next blog) tissue papering plates and glasses.
Evie, you owe me $40 bucks for the osteopath!

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Rhianna said...

Maybe this could be a business for you on the side? You seem to be the one neighbors & friends always call when they plan a move *lol*