Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Elvira Arellano Gets Deported!

(If you're a left winger....."GO AWAY and DON'T COME BACK".)
It's about time!!!! She's finally arrested! Arellano deported to Mexico And who are the mentally challenged people at this rally???? Jesus!
Here we go again. On a daily basis we hear about this fucking broad, who has a flock of flaky people siding with her, wanting her to stay in America. She's illegal and wants me to agree that it's o.k. to break the law. She broke the law working with a fake SS# plus broke the law by returning after being deported, and God knows what other laws she broke. If I was born in another country, came to the U.S. as a child, was now a U.S. citizen and I broke the same laws that she did (using a fake SS#), I'd be arrested and deported to that country forever. No one would do anything about it, by calling it injustice. But I'm supposed to think it's o.k. for her to, just because she's not Al Qaeda. Jesus, such arrogance. First of all I would like to (no I wouldn't) get into the head of those few, "moron hippy" Americans who side with people like her. My neighbor gets into an altercation (a shoving match) with a girlfriend's ex who's stalking and threatening her, and he gets hauled away to jail in cuffs. Ms Arellano breaks the law, but because she's not a U.S. Citizen, she and her flaky followers feel, she should be exempt from the law of the land. How's that? I seriously need to know how logically one could side with a criminal. So she has a kid. It's not like we're sending her to Baghdad or Afghanistan. There is a breed of Hispanics in the U.S. Who think that being Hispanic is a god like thing and they should be untouchable. I'm Hispanic and never would I think that I'm so special to break any law. I don't dare because, I believe in karma. If I was a member of that church, I would cease my tithes and never go there again. Those church goers should boycott that church. They shouldn't have fed, clothed, aided and abetted a criminal, which is what she is. Nice church. Teaching it's members it's o.k. to break the law..........if you're Mexican??? We need to stand up and not succumb to these people. We as a people should know what's right and not buy into the crap that certain groups (or my flaky cousin) who tell us that our thoughts and actions are wrong and that we're racist and bigots. The politicians (also flakey as a biscuit) should be fired for approving and supporting that these illegal activities are o.k.
They just want votes anyway. They don't give a rats ass about her. But just jump on the bandwaggon so that "they good with their homeys" and get votes next term.
I just opened my window and Chicago is starting to really smell like shit.


Avi in AZ said...

Hey, I like this song. Who is it?

CatWoman said...

Amy Winehouse

The Spanker said...

I'm with you on this, CatWoman.