Wednesday, March 25, 2009



I work in a physician's office and as I grabbed a couple patient charts, to get ready to call a couple patients to put in rooms. I spy the name of one of them and had to leave the area for a fit of hysteria. I infected the rest of the staff once I pointed to the chart. I was in tears and doubled over. I had one of those hyperventilation laugh attacks.
The patient's name was Marsha Fuks. Yes Fuks!
Marsha - Marsha - Marsha. Why did you keep this name????????? In all these years living in the U.S.A. why did you not ever change this?
Maybe she's related to Joseph Kaka. Yes we had one of those a few years back and still tell the story about him to our office newbys.
The tech grabbed a chart from the bin getting ready to call out the patient's name, when he paused. He thought, Oh hell no!, then decided to mispronounce it so that we didn't have a fit of laughter in our waiting room. He pronounced it as Mr Cake-ka. The gentleman popped up out of his seat and with his index finger straight up, corrected our man, saying, "It is Ka-ka". After the tech told me this, I did fall on the floor laughing. We all did again later at the end of the day when he told the rest of the staff and doctor.
Well in this hellish economy, I have little luxuries, one is Vosges chocolate and the other is laughter.
Thanks Mrs Fuks. I fuckin' needed that.

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